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World Bank

Tajikistan joined the World Bank in 1993 and the International Development Association (IDA) in 1994.

Since 1996, the World Bank has provided approximately US$ 843 million in IDA credits, grants, and trust funds to improve people’s lives in Tajikistan. Around 34% of these funds have been committed for agriculture and the rural development sector. Other major sectors are economic policy and public sector – 17%, energy – 15%, water and urban development – 15%, education – 10% and health and social protection – 9%.

The World Bank Group’s current partnership strategy aims to increase private investment for sustainable growth while addressing human development needs such as food security, access to drinking water, improved health and education services. 

The active World Bank portfolio in Tajikistan (as of June 2013) consists of 15 projects with net commitments of US$ 271 million. The largest share of the portfolio is in agriculture and rural development (40 percent) followed by water and sanitation (15 percent), human development (14 percent), energy (13 percent), the public sector (12 percent) and the private sector (6 percent).


IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. Since 1997, IFC invested US$ 81 million to support 32 private sector projects in the financial, hydropower, retail, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. IFC’s program includes annual technical assistance of approximately US$3 million in: improving the investment climate, promoting corporate governance, reforming tax administration, supporting the development of credit bureaus, supporting the microfinance transformation processes and improving the business environment for agribusiness.  As of March 31, 2013, IFC’s investment portfolio in Tajikistan stands at US$24.4 million. The current portfolio is split, with 61% in financial market and 39% in manufacturing, agribusiness, and services. 

As an institution of global expertise in development, the World Bank Group invests heavily in research to understand country development experience and shares this cross-country knowledge through analytical and advisory services. In Tajikistan, over 40 publications have been produced on economic and sector issues in the country since 2000.  In addition, advisory services have brought international experience to Tajikistan on private sector development, health, education, energy, agriculture, investment strategies, and climate change.



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The World Bank Tajikistan Country Office

48 Ayni Street, Business Center “Sozidanie”, 3d floor

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Phone: (992) 48 701 58 10

Email: tajikistan@worldbank.org



The International Finance Corporation 
48 Ayni Street, Business Center “Sozidanie”, 3d floor 
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Phone: (992) 48 701 14 62



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