ООН Надежный партнер Часть 1 

UNDAF Outcome 2


People in Tajikistan benefit from equitable and sustainable economic growth through decent and productive employment; stable energy supply; improved access to specialized knowledge and innovation and more favorable business environment, especially for entrepreneurs and farmers.


•       Nationalizing Agenda 2030 through strategic planning at the national, local and sectoral levels:

•        (78% alignment of key strategies, incl. NDS/MTDP with SDGs);

•       Improved livelihoods and employment opportunities for vulnerable people, including poor, rural women, female-headed h/h, refugees:

•       Better income-generation opportunities for 170,000 people (53% women);

•       1500 full time jobs created (1300 women);

•       Promoting  inclusive and sustainable energy solutions for vulnerable population through pilot initiatives:

•       Piloting SHPs for integrated rural development and solar technologies for schools benefiting 40 households and 113 schoolchildren;

•       Enhanced capacities of agriculture producers:

•       > 2500 farmers and experts trained on integrated pest management, seed development, locust control, alternative crop production and introduction of new technologies.   

Partners and coordination:

·         Ministry of Economic Development and Trade,

·         Ministry of Agriculture,

·         Ministry of energy and water resources,

·         Agency for Land Reclamation and Irrigation,

·         State Committee on investments and state property,

·         Ministry of Finance,

·         Ministry of Industry and New Technology

·         Ministry of Labour, Employment and Migration of the RT;

·         Agency on Statistics under President of the Republic of Tajikistan;

·         Committee on Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan;

·         Agency on Civil Service under President of the Republic of Tajikistan,

·         National Bank, Governmental Banks,

·         Local districts authorities and local self-governments;

·         Microcredit foundations and organizations

·         Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan

·         CSOs and Private Sector: Union of Employers, National Association of Small and Medium Businesses, Federation of Independent Trade Unions, Microcredit organizations

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