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Pep Kits Custodian Training Conducted in Dushanbe

Post-Release from 19.12.2016

16 December 2016, Dushanbe, Tajikistan -   As a part of the implementation of UN CARE initiatives, UN in Tajikistan host Pep Kits custodian training in Dushanbe.  The following training brought together more than 20 custodians-employees of UN Agencies of the country, who are responsible for Pep Kits.

Two interactive presentations from Country PEP Manager (UNAIDS) and assisted by Nisso Kasymova (UNICEF) have raised active discussions among participants.

Mr. Ulugbek Aminov, UNAIDS Country Manager in Tajikistan provided overall facilitation during the training, commenting that, “UN Cares is the programme to reduce the impact of HIV on the UN workplace by supporting universal access to a comprehensive range of benefits for all UN personnel and their families.This training aims to build the capacity of UN PEP Kit custodians by providing the basic information on HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis and PEP Kit management in the United Nations system in Tajikistan.”

Custodians were informed that Post‐Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is an emergency medical response given to prevent transmission of blood‐borne pathogens following a potential exposure. Also it is a set of services that are provided to prevent HIV infection following potential exposure. Services include first aid, counselling, HIV exposure risk assessment, HIV testing (with informed consent), a course of anti‐HIV medication, with appropriate support and follow up.

It was also mentioned that UN system, through the UN Cares programme, ensures that Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Kits are available in UN system offices and are made available to all UN personnel and their family members.

Custodians had a great opportunity to find out thebasic information about HIV/AIDSand about the responsibilities of the Custodians. Also custodians attending the training were also keen to demonstrate the significance of these types of kits. Also it was mentioned that in order to efficient implementation of the UN Pep Kit component in Tajikistan, the list of UN focal points for Pep Kits will be included in the UN Security Plan.

At the end of the training 15 Pep Kits were provided to custodians-representatives of UN Agencies of the country. Participants mentioned that this training is one of the important components of effective implementation of UN Cares 10 Minimum Standards, and, thereby, to prepare the UN system workplaces to address HIV and AIDS.

For more information, please contact:  Ulugbek Aminov, UNAIDS Country Manager (Country PEP Manager)at: AminovU@unaids.org.

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