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Monitoring and evaluation are important tools to improve the quality of social protection programmes

Post-Release from 6.09.2016

August 31 -September2 2016, Dushanbe, Tajikistan–UNICEF and UNDP in Tajikistanthrough UNJoint Advocacy Project on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF) and withtechnical support from theSocial Protection Departmentof the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan (MoHSPP)and SocialProtection Policy Analysis Unit of MoHSPPconducteda3-day workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation in Social Protection.

The workshop aimedtoenhance awareness of participants about current challenges in Social Protection in Tajikistan, strengthen their knowledge about basic concepts of evidence based policy making and M&E in social protection, promote discussions about current social protection data collection practices, existing data, possible gaps and next steps towards achieving a more coherent M&E system for social protection in the country.

Around 25representatives from the MoHSPP;Social Protection Policy Analysis Unit under the MoHSPP; Agency on Social Insurance and Pensions; State Agency on Social Protection of the Population; Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of the Population; State Agency on Statisticstookpart inthe workshop.

During the introductory session,the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of the PopulationMr. Navruz Jafarov said that “our main purpose is tostrengthen the capacityof the recently established Unit in data analysis and M&E in social protectionand capacity building of the employees of the monitoring and evaluation units from different institutions engaged in social protection. This workshop will serve as an important steptowards an effective assessment of resources required, barriers to be anticipated and data and information flows, amongst other issues”.

Ms. Jasmina Papa, Social Inclusion Advisor, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hubwelcomed all participants and in her opening statementmentionedthat “it is recognized globally that social protection can improvewellbeing of both disadvantaged and the general population.  Social protection can help peoplebuild theirresilience against different social and economic shocks and deprivations. It is important for everyone, including us, because each person can be exposed to risks any time during the life period.

It should be mentioned that the workshop was a first opportunity for bringing people together after the structural changes happened within the Social Protection governance system in 2013. At the end of the workshop, participants enhanced their knowledge on the theories about social protection, monitoring and evaluation and the results based management approach. In addition to the theories that were presented and discussed, workshop participants were actively engaged in number of interactive sessions. Plenary and small group discussions enabled participants to brainstorm around major social protection M&E issues, indicators and results for selected social protection programmatic interventions and the strong and weak sides of the current social protection M&E activities.

Representatives of different institutions engaged in social protection programme implementation and monitoring expressed their high-level satisfaction with the workshop and its content and suggested further continuation of the capacity building and information exchange programmes.

For more information, please contact: Mr. Bakhtiyor Mirzoev, Advocacy and Communication Officer, UN Joint Advocacy Project on HIV/AIDS in Tajikistan at: Bakhtiyor.mirzoev@undp.org or Mr. Furkatjon Lutfulloev, UNDP Program Analyst    at: furkatjon.lutfulloev@undp.org.


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