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"Strengthening the role of women - living with HIV in the world of work and access to employment”


11 September 2013, Dushanbe. A National Round Table:"Strengthening the role of women - living with HIV in the world of work and access to employment” was conducted by the State Women Committee and Family Affair under the Tajik Government. It aimed to open discussion on how better empower women living and affected by HIV in accessing decent employment, jobs and sustainable livelihoods.
Background: On 29 June 2012, a National Conference on "Entrepreneurship Development for Women with Disabilities and Living with HIV" was conducted. It was initiated by the State Committee for Women and Family Affairs under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. It resulted by drafted recommendations for the development of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women living with disabilities and/or living with HIV in the Republic of Tajikistan. These were addressed to the Government, employers, donors and the civil sector.
The National Conference raised issues related to employment and means on how to access the labor market for women with disabilities and women living with HIV. It included provision of micro-loans and micro-financing for private sector. Training package and modules on development of women entrepreneurship in Tajikistan (ILO programmes) were presented and discussed at the Conference. The Conference was held with the technical support of the  ILO Sub -regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia,UNAIDS UNFPA, UNDP, UN Women, GIZ, and USAID Quality Improvement Project.
As follow-up action, the National Round-Table on "Strengthening the role of women - living with HIV in the world of work and access to employment“ was organized. It consisted of three 3 days of Training  (11 – 13 September 2013) for 10 women, including  members of the Tajikistan Network living with HIV and the HIV service NGO “GuliSurkh”. The ILO "GET Ahead" training, how to start the business and  women entrepreneurship, was shared.
    Three days training resulted in achieving 4 key objectives: 
It promoted the effective implementation of the Tripartite HIV Workplace Policy Strategy, adopted in February 2013 based on ILO Recommendation No.200. The issues of the employment generation skills and boosting employment for Women living with HIV is one of the core parts of the Strategy Paper, as suggested by the Committee during the drafting process of the Strategy in 2012.
It enhanced the implementation process of the adopted "National Programme on training of women and promote their access to employment opportunities for the period 2012-2015" (No. Resolution 92, 1 March 2012. Government of Tajikistan). Articles 9 in particular calls for strengthen collaboration with ILO and other UN-agencies to ensure gender equality, human rights, decent work, and vocational training. 
Advocacy of the ILO Guide on mainstreaming gender equality in workplace responses to HIV and AIDS to national and international stakeholders.
Ten (10) members of the Tajikistan Network of Women living with HIV and the NGO “GuliSurkh” were trained on how to start-up their own business and they received the Certificates from the State Women Committee. The certificates to the participants of the training will entitle them to apply for financial support for starting their own business and/or to get a loan/micro credit from the Financial Institutions in future.
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