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Hosting a UN Volunteer

There are donor funded international UN volunteers and UN agency own-funded UN volunteers.

UN volunteers are exempted to pay income tax. A host UN agency does not have to pay social insurance for UN volunteers.

Considering recruiting time and cost, hiring UN volunteers give has advantages.

  • Why host a UN Volunteer?
  • What types of volunteers are supported by UNV?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of UN Volunteers?
  • What is your responsibility in managing a UN Volunteer?

These questions and many more are answered in the UNV publication, Hosting a UN Volunteer: An Orientation Guide.

The orientation guide is to both inform and inspire partner organizations who wish to harness the power of volunteerism to achieve their peace and development objectives by hosting UN Volunteers within the context of their programmes, projects and field operations. It provides basic information about the mission and goals of UNV, the areas of its programmatic outreach, and the different types of UN Volunteers.

The orientation guide provides basic information about how host entities can partner with UNV and integrate elements of volunteerism and UN Volunteers into their own programmes, and what kind of services UNV offers to partner organizations wishing to host UN Volunteers. It also describes the responsibilities of partner organizations towards volunteers.

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